PREPRUFE® Plus Provides Enhanced Waterproofing Performance

PREPRUFE® is the world's first waterproofing system specifically designed for under-slab and blind side applications.

More the 50 million square feet have been installed globally​, over the last 20+ years.

The PREPRUFE® Plus waterproofing system uses time-tested ADVANCED BOND TECHNOLOGY™ to provide a permanent, integral and continuous adhesive bond between the membrane and structural concrete.

"I've seen how (PREPRUFE® Plus) adheres to the concrete," said waterproofer Seth Higby. "You can't pry it off."

This bond is crucial for the prevention of lateral water migration and long-term waterproofing performance.

"Two weeks ago we kicked out 96 rolls in a day. Terminated, taped, everything, with a 20-man crew," said Kirk Himber, general supertintendent. "That's a new record for us."


  • New generation PREPRUFE® membrane with unique PREPRUFE® ZIPLAP™
  • Dual adhesive watertight lap
  • Easy to install year round even in harsh and unpredictable climates
  • Speeds up installation time
  • Decreases labour costs by up to 30%

World’s original and most advanced pre-applied waterproofing membrane

  • For under slab and blind side applications
  • Adheres directly to poured concrete with patented ADVANCED BOND TECHNOLOGY™
  • Impermeable seal against water
  • Excellent chemical, gas and vapour resistance for the life of the structure
  • Double adhesive ZIPLAPS™ ensure waterproofing integrity in all site conditions

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  • Cold-applied self-adhesive waterproofing membrane with HDPE composite film.
  • Fully bonds to the substrate.
  • Provides water, chemical and vapour protection in substructures.
  • Engineered for strength, flexibility, fast and safe application.
  • BITUTHENE® has a track record of almost 50 years


  • Liquid-applied, durable, seamless and long lasting waterproofing for roofs, decks and balconies.
  • Flexible spray or hand application.
  • Protects vulnerable details ensuring continuity for all profiles.
  • Fully bonds to the substrate.
  • Rapidly reducing project delays.

Conformable hydro-expansive waterstop

  • Prevents water entry through construction joints in concrete substructures.
  • Available in solid or injectable tubular versions.
  • When encapsulated by poured concrete the rubber strip expands when in contact with water creating a seal against the concrete face.
  • Withstands freezing cycles.
  • Malleable and plastic properties enable easy application.

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