Below-ground, pre-applied waterproofing for the most complex underground construction — effective, durable, easy to instal

Our below-ground waterproofing solutions protect commercial buildings and infrastructure in the world's harshest climates. 

Leading the way since 1990 are our reliable PREPRUFE® waterproofing products. PREPRUFE® waterproofing membranes create seals that prevent water migration between the membrane and your structure in every direction. They were the industry's first pre-applied membranes to permanently shield buildings from water and damaging gas, vapour and moisture.

Waterproofing product portfolio

  Above ground Below ground
  Applications Applications
Pre-applied membranes   PREPRUFE®
Post-applied membranes BITUTHENE® BITUTHENE®
Liquid applied SILCOR® SILCOR®
  BITUTHENE® Deck Prep  

    PREPRUFE® membranes are easy to install, helping your project stay right on track. Position the roll. Kick it out. Secure the overlaps with PREPRUFE® ZIPLAP™ quick-sealing adhesive. That's it — you're done. And when it comes to complete building envelope protection, PREPRUFE® membranes are in perfect company. Compatible PREPRUFE® products cover every vulnerability, joint and detail.

      They include:

      • Deck systems

      • Detail tape

      • Cementious and epoxy grouts

      • Hydrophilic sealants

      • Tieback covers

      Our above-grade and below-grade waterproofing products form complete building envelope systems

      Engineers and architects have trusted our industry-leading portfolio of waterproofing brands for over 50 years. These solutions cover a range of below- and above-grade applications, including:

      • PREPRUFE® — Pre-applied waterproofing systems

      • BITUTHENE® and PROCOR® (above- and below-grade) and SILCOR® (above-grade) —  Post-applied waterproofing systems 

      • BITUTHENE® and PROCOR® — for deck systems 

      • ADCOR®, DE NEEF® SWELLSEAL®, INJECTO® and Trioject — Waterstops 

      • HYDRODUCT® — Drainage composite 

      • FLORPRUFE® — Bonded vapor barrier for flooring 


      The Blue360sm Advantage: essential services for your weatherproofing system, design through build

      All our waterproofing products are backed by the services of our Blue360sm Advantage programmes. The engineers of our Design Advantage program can review your CAD drawings, assist with your specs and help you choose the best solutions for your project.


      And you can rest assured that our Field Advantage engineers will help subcontractors ensure our solutions' accurate and timely installation. Our field team is at the construction team's service to help in many ways. Count on us for:

      • Installation training at the job site
      • On-site support and troubleshooting

      • Remote technical support

      • Classroom seminars

      • Sharing best practices

      Blue 360sm Field Advantage: Our team is your team.