The most severe weather is no match for the waterproofing integrity of GCP's self-adhered underlay

Roofing contractors and builders stake their reputations on quality workmanship. That's why they trust our roofing underlay to protect homes in the most extreme climates around the world. And architects choose our products because they meet the most demanding design specs.

All of our self-adhering underlays outperform other brands because they:

  • Seal aggressively to roof decks to create a watertight bond and prevent water migration
  • Seal tightly around roof fasteners to prevent leaks

  • Seal to form watertight bonds at vulnerable overlaps for superior water-shedding

We sweat the details to make roofing faster, easier and more profitable for contractors and owners

We advanced roofing technology in 1978 by introducing the first self-adhering roofing underlay product. Our R&D team innovates continuously to improve installation efficiency and ensure our products are the most durable and resilient.

  • GRACE ICE & WATER SHIELD® is the original self-adhered underlayment that delivers superior waterproofing performance and has been installed on more than 2 million homes, including many in the most severe climates.

  • GRACE ULTRA™ is a unique self-adhered underlayment formulated with a butyl adhesive that delivers unmatched thermal stability. It is suitable for use under copper, COR-TEN® steel, and zinc roof coverings.

  • GRACE ICE & WATER SHIELD® HT is a version of the flagship product that is formulated to be more thermally stable and ideal for use under metal roofing, or in high temperature roofing assemblies.

  • GRACE SELECT® is a code compliant performance alternative to granular underlayments. It’s lower thickness makes it lighter weight and easier to apply than heavy granular surfaced materials.

Contractors and architects also enjoy the benefits of the Blue 360sm Field Advantage Programme

The Blue 360sm Field Advantage Programme includes consultations with our field sales and technical service teams, who help architects and contractors select the optimal underlays to meet their specs. Our team also recommends compatible weatherproofing products from our extensive portfolio, such as weather and air barriers, flashing and below grade waterproofing.

Our wide range of training seminars and materials includes:

  • Classes taught in conjunction with the American Institute of Architects (AIA)

  • Videos on product selection and installation

  • Contractors' handbooks, interactive product guides, detail drawings and data sheets

Blue 360sm Field Advantage: Our team is your team.