VERSASHIELD® sheet membrane

A moisture barrier designed for fast and effective protection of flooring.

VERSASHIELD® is a sheet membrane designed to be laid down above the concrete slab, but underneath floor coverings including carpet, vinyl, ceramic tile, and more. It's designed to protect these materials—as well as their adhesives—from any staining, warping, or mold that may result from water and alkaline salts infiltrating through the concrete slab.

When it was released, VERSASHIELD® represented one of the first sheet membranes for floor protection, designed to offer significant advantages over liquid epoxy. Contractors and building owners can enjoy reduced installation time, easy application, and increased safety during construction. VERSASHIELD® reduces the installation time for flooring underlayment from days to hours, and allows construction to continue around it unimpeded. With 50 million square feet installed, VERSASHIELD® enjoys a global reputation for excellence.


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Save time, money, and effort on flooring installation

VERSASHIELD® is specifically designed to generate advantages for contractors over epoxy. Epoxy involves time-consuming manual application, and no other work can take place in an area of a site where epoxy is being installed. Work must continue to pause during the lengthy curing process. This halt in labor represents an expenditure of both time and money—expenditures which VERSASHIELD® reverses.

A simple installation process that's miles above epoxy

The VERSASHIELD® installation process is designed to be incredibly simple. The first step is to simply clean and level the existing substrate. For VERSASHIELD® MBX, a double-sided tape is then put down. VERSASHIELD® is rolled over the tape, and then secured with seam tape afterwards. Flooring can then be adhered directly to the surface of the VERSASHIELD®. Moisture protection is provided by a polyethylene laminate on the bottom layer of the material, a fiberglass core for dimensional stability, and a top coating that forms a tight bond with adhesives. Unlike epoxy, VERSASHIELD® can be installed without a specialized crew of trained applicators, produces no fumes, and requires no dusty or noisy shot blasting. As such, VERSASHIELD® can shave off 50% of the time and 30% of the cost versus applying an epoxy moisture barrier.

Complete construction or renovation overnight

For business owners, VERSASHIELD® creates a valuable opportunity in terms of renovations. The dust, noise, and fumes are particularly valuable when thinking about hospitals, hotels, etc. where the building is occupied during flooring installation. VERSASHIELD® helps reduce the costs of mitigating the dust and fumes, and the disruption caused by the noise. This allows a building, such as a retail store, to shut its doors in the evening, renovate its flooring overnight, and then return to operation the next day. Therefore, VERSASHIELD® doesn't just save money during the renovation process; it prevents businesses from having to lose money by turning away customers.

Where new construction is concerned, VERSASHIELD® offers a similar benefit.  Flooring is often applied during the final stage to construction, when builders may be forced to scramble so that tenants can occupy the space. Epoxy application represents an unwelcome delay during this critical time, but VERSASHIELD® lets builders put the finishing touches on a project unimpeded.

Building on a global reputation for excellence

Our products rely on more than high-performance materials. Their reputation is ensured by globally-available technical and field support. For more information about how to use VERSASHIELD® in a construction product, as well as details on flooring compatibility, contact GCP today.